Berry Belly

#12weekspregnant: lovable lil’ heartbeat


First time hearing the heartbeat! - Mama Berry's Journal


It’s a very joyful experience when you got to hear your baby’s heartbeat! It’s amazing to know there’s another life growing inside of me. It’s the first time Mama Berry and Daddy Berry could hear the very cute not-so-little hearbeat (since it was on speaker), we were in tears.

It was our very first visit to dr Musa at RS Asih Panglima Polim, previously, we were still switching obgyns, trying to find the one we are most comfortable with. We didn’t know that we are supposed to arrive 1 hour before the practice hours, so we ended up getting queue number 14 and kept on waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Finally, after 4 1/2 hours, we met the doc and heard the cutest music ever, a baby’s heart beat.

Berry was already 3 months old, so it was time to tell people that imma preggo mama now (yeah, exciting)! There are some believes here that we should keep it discreet before 3 months, because the baby is still very fragile, anything could happen. I was very happy that I can finally tell people, it’s very hard to keep it a secret. My friends were already suspecting that I’m pregnant, since I kept on eating and my appetite almost tripled. My tummy wasn’t showing yet, it was just like someone who ate a very big dinner.


Mama’s mood: nausea every morning, very hyper, very excited

Cravings: I can eat just about everything, very hungreh!

Accomplishments: roaaaaarrr, 4 1/2 friggin’ hours at the docs (even though it all paid off)


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