Berry Belly

Pregnancy Cravings #BerryCravings: sticky mango crybaby


Speaking about cravings.. This lil’ one has a big appetite, mainly around ice and other desserts. Sometimes Berry (or mommy) craves for food that are not in season or very hard to obtain. I used to think that pregnancy cravings were overated, just a way for pregnant ladies to get what they want. Now, after feeling it, I changed my opinion about cravings. Food cravings is a big deal, take it seriously, Dads!

What I mean with cravings are an eager desire for food where I can’t think about anything other than that specific food, and in worse cases it can result in a bad hormonal state and irrational crying. Here’s a list of my major cravings.


1. Mango Sticky Rice
I cried over mangoes. Never in my life I cried because I couldn’t eat a certain type of food, but I did. I really wanted mango sticky rice, however the mangoes were not in season. I ate at the Mango Tree Bistro, hoping to get some mango sticky rice, but they have no mangoes. I asked the waiter in frustration, “Isn’t this supposed to be the Mango Tree Bistro? How come you are out of mangoes? Maybe you should change the name of the restaurant.” And the waiter only gave me a concerned look. Okay, it’s not entirely their fault, it’s just a pity that I was craving for mangoes while mangoes weren’t in season. Not giving up yet, I ordered kaya sticky rice for takeways, hoping that I could buy some mangoes at the supermarket. I reached the supermarket just to find out that the don’t have any mangoes, and I cried until I reached home.

The next day, I decided to Google some mango sticky rice recipies, so I bought the sticky rice and was very determined to make my own. I checked several supermarkets and to look for mangoes, with no luck. I also checked several Thailand restaurants in Jakarta, from the most expensive ones to the cheap ones, no mangoes. My friend helped me call more than 15 Thailand restaurants in Jakarta, no mangoes. Finally, I found some overpriced mangoes that has no smell and no taste, but it’s not the mangoes needed for mango sticky rice.

My concerned friends gave me some mango juice, dried mangoes, and sour mangoes. I heart the nice gesture, but they aren’t the same mangoes. I still cried, feeling touched by their attention. After 2 weeks searching in vain, my Dad brought some mangoes from the Philippines (which results in me crying again), due to the long flight the mangoes were too soft for mango sticky rice. So, I got the mangoes, still no mango sticky rice: Project Mango FAILED. By the time mangoes were back in season, I didn’t want them anymore.

On to the next crave….



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