Berry Belly

#21weekspregnant: shopping phobia

  Yes, it's that time of the month to peak how our Lil' Berry is doing. This time it took us another 3 hour wait, but it's all worth it. We get the prize to see how our lil' one is doing, Berry is about the size of a Banana and during the USG we can… Continue reading #21weekspregnant: shopping phobia

Berry Belly

#17weekspregnant: we shop, we eat, we happy

During this visit to the Doc, we can see that Berry is forming into a human-like figure, no longer that little dot in the womb. We can see Berry's hands and leg move through the USG, it was very heartwarming. It was very touching to see a very active little life growing inside me, even… Continue reading #17weekspregnant: we shop, we eat, we happy