Berry Belly

#17weekspregnant: we shop, we eat, we happy

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

During this visit to the Doc, we can see that Berry is forming into a human-like figure, no longer that little dot in the womb. We can see Berry’s hands and leg move through the USG, it was very heartwarming. It was very touching to see a very active little life growing inside me, even though I still can’t feel anything.

There are no problems during the week, besides my non-stop appetite. Well, my feet size already increased, so it was time to shop for new comfortable shoes. Clarks it is! Such a good reason to shop, Mama Berry likey!

This week is all about visiting Berry’s Grandma in Semarang (and of course, eating, we just love food). My feet got a bit swollen during the flight, but it was alright the next day.


Mama’s mood: still hungry and hungry again, high evergy levels

Accomplishments: Berry hopped on a plane to meet with Grandma!

Food cravings: comfort food available in Semarang (yeap, Daddy’s hometown)


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