Berry Belly

#21weekspregnant: shopping phobia


Yes, it’s that time of the month to peak how our Lil’ Berry is doing. This time it took us another 3 hour wait, but it’s all worth it. We get the prize to see how our lil’ one is doing, Berry is about the size of a Banana and during the USG we can only see the head. It’s a good sign that Berry is growing accordingly.

We are going for trip next month to Bali to attend a wedding, so we asked the Doc for a flight permission letter. I’m excited to see the wedding (and the food, of course), it’s just that as my belly is starting to show, shopping is becoming a struggle. I tried several malls, boutiques, online shops, with no luck. I can’t believe that I’m loosing the joy of shopping. I almost caught “shopping phobia” haha. It was very frustrating. Finally, I found a proper preggo dress to attend the wedding (fiuhhh!), so off we go!


Mama’s mood: hyperactive, ecstatic, frustrated of shopping

Accomplishments: I found a preggo-safe dress to attend the wedding (finally!)

Food cravings: babi guling Bali (Balinese suckling pork), mangoes


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