Berry Belly

#28weekspregnant: 7months with a shopping pass!

  Lil' Berry is right on track, 1.28kgs a size of a cucumber. We visited the Doc to check on Berry and ask again whether it's a he or a she. Again, the Doc said, "still a she." Can't wait for the go shopping since we have entered the 7th month! Officially eligible to shop! Off… Continue reading #28weekspregnant: 7months with a shopping pass!

Berry Belly


If you asked me 5 years ago my opinion about babies, you would see my face change colors with a terrified expression. I used to (literally) cry when there is a screeching kid near the vicinity. There was this once I went to the hospital and pressed the wrong floor, I ended up on the pediatrics floor..… Continue reading Baby-o-phobia