Berry Belly

90-list Journey to Maternity Leave

As a first time mother, the word ‘Maternity leave’ is still very scary, yet exciting time to experience. How will it be? Will it be the days filled with baking and sewing DIY baby projects or will it be the days filled with dirty pampers and no-time-to-shower for mommy? Yes, I feel very scared and excited at the same time. In the spirit (hoping) to be productive during my new job role as a 3 month full-time mother, inspired by RookieMom’s 101 things in 1,001 days project, I’m making a 90 list of things to do before the end of my leave. Some of these are things I planned to do, but never get the time to do, hopefully I’ll finally manage do get them done. I’m a preggolita with a big bump and a very aching body, so I can cheat. I’m starting the timeline to complete the list now until the end of my maternity leave. Please feel free to give me fun/random/whacky ideas to spend my time with Lil Berry.


  1. Complete the 90-things to do list Done! 22.09.15
  2. Finish reading What to Expect When Your Expecting
  3. Introduce Berry to the dogs and cats
  4. Get Mama Berry officially back into the city Done!
  5. Complete the baby registry Done!
  6. Send out thank you notes
  7. Make a daily sleep log
  8. Plan our next vacation!
  9. Our first family day out with Berry
  10. Get her a name! Done!


  1. Hold a baby! Yeah, I never held a baby under 1 year old in my life!
  2. Track My 1st Mama Milestones
  3. 1st baby poop cleaning
  4. Learn how to take a shower while home alone with your baby
  5. Master that ASIP Management!
  6. Read a bedtime story to Berry
  7. Write a blog post about Poop (inspired by this blog post)
  8. Conquer the Clodipedia
  9. Master the art of travelling with a baby
  10. Complete the 90-day #MaternityLeave #CutiHamil journal

Photography Challenges

  1. 1st wefie with Berry
  2. Wefie with Berry and Daddy
  3. Go out with Berry and grandma and wefie
  4. Wefie with Berry and my rowdy crew
  5. Make a monthly baby bump collage photo
  6. Weekly photo challenge with Berry in different colors
  7. Make a collage of Berry’s USG photos
  8. Do a maternity photo session Done!
  9. Convince Daddy to start a baby themed 365 photo challenge project
  10. Convince Daddy and Berry to take a wefie with matching clothes

Shop and Style

  1. Get Daddy & Berry matching shoes
  2. Get Mama & Berry matching clothes
  3. 7days Berry clodi challange! I love clodis! Let’s poop in style!
  4. Shopping spree for newborn necessities Done!
  5. Get a tutu for Berry  Done!
  6. Get Berry a pair of earings  Done!
  7. Get the sticker wallpaper in Berry’s room done! Done!
  8. Go shopping for a berry-themed onesie
  9. 7day bib-wear
  10. Get Berry a swimsuit


  1. Make a Christmas DIY project
  2. Convert a T-shirt into a newborn gown
  3. DIY baby BIB Done!
  4. DIY baby shoes project
  5. Clodi project

Cook and Bake Berry Style

  1. Make a Virgin Berry Mojito
  2. Bake an apple pie with berries
  3. Make berry pancake
  4. Bake berry cupcakes
  5. Lil’ Raspberry Oatmeal

Berry Crave!

  1. Eat salmon sashimi. Yes, please!
  2. Get my 1st postpartum Nasi Gila Streetfood!
  3. Just get dessert
  4. Indomie! Looking forward for it!
  5. All I can eat lalapan & sambal!


  1. Run with Berry
  2. Take a prenatal session class (senam hamil)
  3. Do post natal yoga
  4. we walk! Walk 10k steps a day
  5. We plank! Plank, mama, plank!
  6. We jog!
  7. We run! That 1st 5K run again!
  8. We swim!
  9. We lift!
  10. Lose that baby fat, mama!

Pamperita Self Indulgence

  1. Get a postnatal massage (yeah, I deserve it)
  2. Get a pedicure, yeah!
  3. Hit the spa!
  4. Watch the movies with Daddy Berry
  5. Sleep! Get enough sleep!


  1. Ride a train with Berry Done 2x!
  2. Go mountain hiking with Berry Done 2x!
  3. Drive with Berry
  4. Go off-road with Berry
  5. Get on a plane with Berry Done! 4 times!
  6. Berry’s 1st drive with Opa Sharkie
  7. Help Daddy do a photoshoot with Berry
  8. Outdoors with Berry
  9. Berry’s runnorama
  10. Just the three of us

I will Survive Challanges!

  1. Survive 1 full day (24-hours) without watching TV
  2. Survive a day watching children movies only
  3. Survive 1 full day without Internet and blog about it
  4. Survive a month without coffee (lent season, yeah!)
  5. Go to the supermarket and just buy 1 item (challenge accepted!)
  6. Count my steps from the bedroom to the lobby
  7. Spend 10 minutes just sitting on the park bench
  8. Take the #100happydays challenge
  9. 7day oatmeal breakfast challenge
  10. Spend 1 day doing nothing

List officially completed (22.09.15)! Let’s roll, mama!


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