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Berry’s Travel Saga

Being a frequent traveller, it has been very frustrating for me to limit travelling during my first trimester. After the clock hit the sweet period of the 4th to 6th month, we didn’t waste any time and booked our flights. Actually, it might be okay to hop on the plane outside that window, but you should check-up with your obgyn prior to your flight, better be safe than sorry.

Berry’s Travel #001 – Jan. 2015, Makassar, first and foremost, it’s about food
I did bring Berry on a flight to Makassar when Berry on when I was in my 2nd/3rd weed of pregnancy for a duty (culinary, Makassar is one of my favorite food heaven) travel, but at that time I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I only remember the assignment vaguely (thanks to my preggo brain), but I do recall that we ate a lot at that time: Mie Aan Ping Lo on Jl Sulawesi, Nasi Riburane, Cafe Mama’s pisang ijo, mie kwangtung of RM Florida around Losari, palu basa RM Serigala, coto Makassar RM 999, and one of the best es podeng I ever had at Jl Somba Opu (Es Podeng Pak Kumis). Okay, that’s a lot to eat in 3 days. I’ll review the food in a separate log.

Berry’s Travel #002 – May 2015, Semarang, visiting Grandma
We visited Berry’s grandma on my 17th week of pregnancy, the agenda for the 4-day trip was mostly spending time with grandma and eating (as expected). Semarang is all about food (or it is just me?), our routine food list is lumpia Semarang (our favorite is Lumpia Gang Lombok and Lumpia Mbak Lin), Mie Shiang Kie Gang Lombok, nasi ayam Bu Wido, asem-asem and bandeng sarden Koh Liem and a lot more. We also tried the Blue Lotus coffee shop along Jl Ahmad Yani.

Berry’s Travel #003 – June 2015, Bali, Berry’s 1st Bali wedding
One of Berry’s Dad’s friend held his wedding at Bali, so of we go! Another flight for Berry on my 23 weeks of pregnancy. On this trip, I started to experience swelling feet right after the flight and it effected the whole trip, since I couldn’t stand too long, 5 minutes and I was already complaining. The trip was only over the weekend, so besides attending the wedding, we only visited Fat Turtle who has the best pancakes in town (Berry was jumping in joy enjoying it!) and brunch at Sisterfields who take their food very seriously, seriously delicious.

Berry’s Travel #004 – July 2015, Bali, Babymoon feat. our big fat family 
Finally, it was time for our babymoon/family trip! It was a 5-day trip during my 26 week of pregnancy, the Doc gave an OK for the trip, but he gave us some meds (Duphaston) to boost some Berry power during the trip. Same as the previous trip, my feet were swelling right after the flight, even worse than before. The swelling last for the next 2 days and we had to take it easy for the rest of the trip. We spent 3 days with our family, since it was the schedule for our yearly family trip and added another 2 days for our babymoon. Most of the time we ate, of course. I do feel blessed that my additional weight carrying Berry is not catching up with my appetite.

So.. that’s 4 flights. let’s scratch No. 34 ‘Get on a plane with Berry’ from the list, followed by a big sigh from Mama Berry, since she needs to wait for at least another 6 months to hop on her next plane. Oh, dear my #preggoproblems.

Oh, here are some #BerryTips for travelling:
1. Make sure you get an OK from your obgyn before travelling and request for a flight permit letter (it is required by the air carrier)
2. Avoid the body scanner in the airport
3. Arrive earlier, because you’ll need an extra 10-15 minutes to fill in the form and for the crew to copy your documents (you only need your letter from obgyn, ID card and ticket)
4. Make sure you’re not sitting on the emergency exits. If you happen to get that seat, inform the flight attendant and ask to switch seats. Well, I did, so they switched ourseats and we got a free upgrade #BerryLuck! The old lady next to us was complaining because she had to pay extra to get that seat, while we got it for free (sirik ajee deh lo!).
5. Elevate your feet by any chance you have to avoid swelling!


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