Berry Belly


If you asked me 5 years ago my opinion about babies, you would see my face change colors with a terrified expression. I used to (literally) cry when there is a screeching kid near the vicinity.
There was this once I went to the hospital and pressed the wrong floor, I ended up on the pediatrics floor.. There was this kid festival event on that day (the perfect day to press the wrong button), so the pediatric wing was full of kids running around, laughing and screaming. Some were even rushing into the elevator. I felt like I was in a horror movie with monster bees swarming to my face ready to sting me with their mega sized stingers. Maybe it’s the same feeling of people who are scared of dogs, going inside a shelter with 100 affection-hungry dogs ready to launch and hug/lick/kiss you (which I am not scared of..)
I nearly fainted that day. It was one of the most terrifying event in my 30-years on earth. And I ain’t exagerating. I used to be *that* scared of kids.
Then, somehow it all just changed. Maybe it’s just part of the life cycle: meet the right one, get married, kids and so on. I reached this point where I really want to have one of those cute lil’ devils of my own. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I’m going to have one, and I can’t wait to meet our beloved Lil’ Berry.

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