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#34weekspregnant: preggo brain attack! so stoooopiiidd!

Okay, mamas.. believe me, preggo brain is a real and (and contagious)! Somehow, it's not only affecting me, but also the people around me: my husband, my best friends, my colleagues. This is bad.. haha! Oh, those embarassing moments! *tepok jidat geleng2* Anyway, I would like to share some of the most silly, stupid and/or… Continue reading #34weekspregnant: preggo brain attack! so stoooopiiidd!

Berry Belly

#33weekspregnant: off road we go!

Finally it's time for our 33 weeks check-up to Doc Musa at RS Asih Panglima Polim. What.. 33 weeks already? Time really flies! Anyway, Berry is healthy and growing fast. She gained some weight and reached the 2 kgs mark. Few weeks to go, I better watch out on the ice cream haha! Mama Berry… Continue reading #33weekspregnant: off road we go!

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Breakfast and Beyond: Yoghurt, Oatmeal and Pancake Inspirations

  I am in love with yoghurt and oatmeal. They are easy, light and healthy. They are a permanent member for the Berry family's breakfast table. These are some inspiration I would like to try (tried): Savory Style: Shallot Yoghurt Crab Toast with Spicy Yoghurt Brussels Sprouts with Fried Eggs and Spiced Yoghurt Cucumber-Dill Ttatziki Skillet-baked… Continue reading Breakfast and Beyond: Yoghurt, Oatmeal and Pancake Inspirations

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Berry’s Wish List aka Baby Registry

Okay, berhubung udah sekian banyak orang yang nanyain mau gift apa buat baby Berry, let's do this. *shameless* Oh well, om2 & onty2 sekalian biar gak pusing cari kado, Berry needs this: Haha! Okay, let's get serious. Dear om2 & onty2 yang baik hati, dedek Berry wish to have these: BabyMoov's Nutribaby Steam Steril like seriously, whoever created… Continue reading Berry’s Wish List aka Baby Registry

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Mama Berry’s rempong journey back to the city: Suka Duka pembuatan KTP DKI Jakarta

Akhirnya, setelah perjalanan yang panjang dan lama (dan bantuan berbagai pihak: semua oma & opa Berry diberdayakan, termasuk om satpam dari domisili yang lama), Mama Berry (dan Lil Berry nantinya) resmi kembali jadi warga DKI Jakarta dengan KTP DKI Jakarta. Bener-bener perjuangan loh sampai akhirnya bisa dapet KTP ini lagi. Btw, dulu Mama Berry warga… Continue reading Mama Berry’s rempong journey back to the city: Suka Duka pembuatan KTP DKI Jakarta

Berry Belly

#32weekspregnant: time for Berry’s belly-shot

Berry's bare belly-shot: naik-naik ke puncak gunung style ..and finally it's the time for my maternity photoshoot session with Sienty-Arief Photography. I'm not a fan of indoor photo studio style, so we decided to have an outdoor maternity session at Mount Tangkuban Perahu. I was pretty optimistic that I would be strong enough to walk… Continue reading #32weekspregnant: time for Berry’s belly-shot