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#31weekspregnant: Preggo Waddle Drama


Here we are to another visit to the Doctor Musa at RS Asih, yep another long yet worthwhile wait in the Doc’s office, the pain to have a very famous obgyn. This time I arrived at 1 p.m. and got the 1st queue, which in the end didn’t help much, since the Doc arrived at 3.15 p.m. FYI, the Doc is supposed to start his practice at 2 p.m. My session ended in around 15 minutes, so a total of 2 1/2 hours to see Lil’ Berry.

Berry is weighing about 1.6kgs now (as big as a butternut squash), a bit on the high side. It’s a good thing that Berry is growing strong, despite my weight drop. I was concerned about the early placenta calcification that the doctor pointed out in our previous visit (week 29). However, he said that I still need to be mindful if there are anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to check up. A good thing is that Berry is very active, especially after meals, so I should be aware if there are any decrease in fetal activity.

It has been a tiring week filled with headaches, heartburn and congested nose all week. I really just want to lay down or hit the nearest Mom n Jo (which I did, the joy of a massage).

Drama of the Week: Preggo Waddle 

Sadly, I had to visit to out local sub-district to get my DKI Jakarta ID card ready. We want to make sure our Kartu Keluarga and my ID card is finalized before Berry is born, so much things to prepare. Well, since I can’t drive anymore, I took the taxi to the sub-district office. When I reached there I found out that the sub-district office is within the same complex as the Provost (special force in the military) where they have very tight security. Apparently, taxis aren’t allowed to enter the complex, so I had to walk (waddle) downhill to the office, which means I had to walk (waddle) uphill back to the gate. The location was around 2km walk to the main road, if I were to haul a cab. Oh, poor me.

I asked the man in the uniform with a very distressed face, “Pak, I am 8-months pregnant, can’t the taxi just drop me off at the office?” No. “Can I call the cab to pick me up later?” No. “Really??” *nearly sobbing* And still a no. Oh, shoot. I finished my business at the office and tried to call a taxi by application, but it seems that they have a signal scrambler there. No, luck. So, I walked (waddled) my way back uphill to the gate and met the same guy in the uniform. I stood by the street to look for a taxi in vain, tried my taxi apps, still in vain. One of the men in uniform offered me a lift home with his motorcycle, a nice gesture, but my belly is way too big to ride one. Then, he offered to haul a cab for me from the main road. Oh, thank God, finally we can go home and I didn’t have to do a 2km waddle. Thank you nice guy in a uniform!

Mama’s mood:  easily tired, cranky, in the mood for cooking

Accomplishments: Mama Berry is still fit to so some site survey (yeah, imma strong mama!), 2 1/2 hours at the Doc’s office, ID card accomplished (finally!), Provost drama (doh!)

Food cravings: nothing specific this week

btw. I took the picture from here.


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