Berry Belly

#32weekspregnant: time for Berry’s belly-shot

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Berry’s bare belly-shot: naik-naik ke puncak gunung style

..and finally it’s the time for my maternity photoshoot session with Sienty-Arief Photography. I’m not a fan of indoor photo studio style, so we decided to have an outdoor maternity session at Mount Tangkuban Perahu. I was pretty optimistic that I would be strong enough to walk (waddle) uphill on my 32 weeks of pregnancy, and I survived. Some of the terrain was a bit tough for a preggo belly to waddle up, also I got a bit tired during the session and had to rest a here and there. In the end we survived waddling up/downhill on a cold morning with a bare belly. Yeap, I’m proud strong mama! We had an exciting (yet, tiring) photo session with our photographer, Arief. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Preggosomnia and Nesting Syndrome

Again, being pregnant doesn’t fail to surprise me every now and then. I though that preggosomia and nesting was just another pregnancy myth, yet I’m starting to wake up around 3am in the morning with Berry practicing kickboxing in Hotel Womb, unable to sleep again. I would pee, go to the fridge to look for snacks and going back to be in the next hour. She’s been doing this a few times this week, gosh mama is damn sleepy. Don’t ask me why my preggo brain gets worse. Believe me, preggosomnia is a real thing.

Also, I feel an urge to clean up, tidy things up, checking and rechecking Berry’s shopping list, folding and refolding Berry’s clothes again and again. They said it’s the same for humans as it is for animals, we do our best to prepare the “nest” for our soon-to-arrive baby. I get very nervous when it comes to preparing for the baby, Mama Berry just want to make sure the nest is well prepared for Lil’ Berry.

Mama’s mood:  preggosomnia, easily tired, urge of nesting

Accomplishments: I survived going uphill to Mount Tangkuban Perahu on a cold morning for Berry’s bellyshoot with a bare-belly

Food cravings: piscok alias pisang coklat/caramel (fried banana drizzled with chocolate/caramel)


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