Berry Belly

#33weekspregnant: off road we go!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.10.44 PM

Finally it’s time for our 33 weeks check-up to Doc Musa at RS Asih Panglima Polim. What.. 33 weeks already? Time really flies!

Anyway, Berry is healthy and growing fast. She gained some weight and reached the 2 kgs mark. Few weeks to go, I better watch out on the ice cream haha! Mama Berry has gained a total of 10kgs, hopefully half is Berry’s share. I really can’t imagine how it feels if you gain more than 20kgs due to pregnancy. Even now I feel as huge as a whale and my feet cramps easily.

Well, this week Mama Berry got a duty call to go on site survey to a remote area. Unfortunately, we had to go off road to reach the location. I was so scared that Berry would be effected by the off road tour, but she’s a strong girl, she just slept all the way (fiuhh!). However, I’m not looking forward to another off road trip in the near future (pretty please, boss!)


Mama’s mood:  urge of nesting, nesting and nesting

Accomplishments: we go off-road, yeah! No more, please!

Food cravings: nasi gila a.k.a. crazy rice (it’s so hard to get preggo-safe nasi gila in town!)


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