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#34weekspregnant: preggo brain attack! so stoooopiiidd!


Okay, mamas.. believe me, preggo brain is a real and (and contagious)! Somehow, it’s not only affecting me, but also the people around me: my husband, my best friends, my colleagues. This is bad.. haha!

Oh, those embarassing moments! *tepok jidat geleng2*

Anyway, I would like to share some of the most silly, stupid and/or embarassing preggo brain moments in my 34 weeks of pregnancy life. Well, at this rate there might be more to come (dayemmm!)

  1. Toilet Drama – this was my worse stupidity. One day I had the urge to pee and rushed to the toilet in  a mall. To my surprise, there was this male cleaning service inside. As I was about to scold him, I looked around and there were 3 guys starring at me.. oh shoot, wrong toilet! And I rushed out feeling very embarrased!
  2. Elevator lift button, what button?? I spent nearly 5 minutes in the lift, but the lift won’t move. Just when I was about to panic and press the emergency button, I realised I didn’t press any buttons (doh!)
  3. I managed to get all my bank accounts blocked! I forgot ALL the pin codes, the customer service dude looked very concerned when I asked them to help me retrieve all my accounts
  4. Going back and forth without remembering the next thing I was planning to do. Ummm- what was it that I was going to do just now…?
  5. Panicking looking for my mobile phone… which is actually just right in front of me
  6. Forgot my keys! Yeah, this is routine one
  7. Forgot where I put things (almost everything)
  8. Water-FALL: my recent preggo brain moment, I left the water on and I left for work. So, it was on for approx. 12 hours, I’m so scared to see next month’s water bills (so sorry, Daddy Berry! So sorry, mother nature for not being a green thumb..)
  9. Wallet panic!! (okay, just 1 day after I posted this, another stupidity happened!) I went to the mall for lunch and when I was about to pay my order… I realized that I forgot to bring my wallet. Luckily, I was there to meet up with my friend (thanks Cicik Cita!), so lunch is saved. After that I began to panic, since I can’t remember where I misplaced my wallet. I checked the car, toilet, I tried to trace back my tracks with a very foggy mind… after a few minutes in panic, I found out that I left my wallet in the office (fiuh!!)

I’ll add more.. when I remember. This is actually a growing list, since I feel that my preggo brain-ness is getting worse in the 3rd trimester (doh!)

Mama’s mood: …and still nesting (finally Mama and Daddy Berry completed the wall sticker decoration for Berry’s room!)

Accomplishments: …we survived so much D-R-A-M-A!!

Food cravings: hot and/or ice chocolate (thanks for the delicious Koko Black, onty & uncle Fleo Cowgy!)


3 thoughts on “#34weekspregnant: preggo brain attack! so stoooopiiidd!

  1. I friggin’ feel you! I forget, misplace everything. Not to mention going to do something…. Getting there and thinking what did I come down here for? Why did I go in the pantry?


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