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Wake me up when September ends..


September is a memorable month for me. A month full of tears, sad and happy tears. Many bittersweet moments in my life happened in September. I got married in September, and also we might have our baby born in September..

September always reminds me of Oche (Jose Pedro Alexandro, yeap I was inspired by those telenovelas), one of our beloved dogs. He was born in September. He was a happy (bratty) old dog who lived with us for 12 years. He is one of those small dogs who believes that he is a giant. He is the one who barks are bigger dogs, like German Shepherds and make them run away. He was a brave little one.

He was a loyal companion, a best friend, a member of the family. He suffered for distemper around a month before he died, but he was unwilling to give up to the disease. It was very heartbreaking to watch as his health gets worse every day. On his last days, miraculously he just got better and greeted everyone happily. Finally, he was adopted by God in September 2 years ago, just one week before my wedding (also around 1 week before his birthday). Sometimes I believe that he waited that long to make sure there is someone who will take care of me when he left (although he is never that friendly to Daddy Berry).

We had no regrets, because we took care of him until his last day. Oche will always be in our hearts.

This is just an old note I wrote on his 8th birthday in 2009..

Oche My Lil’ Dog Prince

24 September (well, not exactly, estimated date) eight years ago..

When I look back to 8 years ago, you were just a lil puppy, just as big as my palm. With that lil puppy eyes of yours, very fragile, pleading to be protected. You were the weakest among your siblings, the unwanted puppy because you were a just mutt with weak legs. Those lil pair of brown eyes, broke the icy barrier in my heart. I fell in love at the first sight. I want you. I need you.

“I will take care of you.” I made a promise to protect you, until your last breath.

I still remember the first time I brought you to the vet, getting all worried, mistaking that cold runny nose of yours as a cold. The vet laughed at my foolishness, telling me that it means that you’re healthy. I remember the times I secretly took you inside my room, afraid that you would get sick by the wind. I remember the days you forced your lil fragile legs to learn to walk. You tripped and fell, but in the end you succeeded. I remember how you magically stole the heart of the whole family.

Look at you now. The weak lil unwanted mutt grew up becoming a strong guardian. Now you are the one protecting me, protecting your pack. You are the alpha dog in the house. You taught me about loyalty, you taught me about determination, you taught me strength, you taught me how to be grateful, you taught me how to love unconditionally. You made me proud, being who you are now.

I don’t care that people say you’re just a dog, you’re just a mutt. They don’t know you. To me, you’re my lil’ Dog Prince. You stole my heart since the very first moment. And I feel grateful for being able to meet you.

I know that the time when He will calls you home back to the rainbow bridge will come, but until that comes, as I promised you before, Jose Pedro Alessandro, “I will take care of you.” Until the end.



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