Berry Belly

#35weekspregnant: keep calm, Berry is getting ready to check-out!



Okay, this week’s Doc appointment didn’t give me any ‘zen’ vibe at all. First of all, the Doc said that in two weeks (37 weeks), Berry will be ready to check-out.. *reality kicks in* Actually, the window is between week 37 to 42, and only God and Berry knows when she’s going to check-out. However, there is always that possibility that she will make her debut to the world in 2 weeks (OMG-OMG-OMG-OMG!!)

The next thing is that Berry’s weight is only 2.186 kgs (less than 200 grams in 2 weeks), which is on the low side. My weight only increased 800 grams in 2 weeks, which is good since I don’t have too much to lose postpartum, however it is worrying since she’s not growing as fast as she’s supposed to. Doc suspected that it is due to the placenta calcification, so the nutrition reaching to Berry is less than before.

Doc told me to worry less… but he told me to watch out for signs of weaker fetal movements. If she acts out of the ordinary, just rush to the hospital even thou it is 2am in the morning. Then, he told me that one of his patients just lost their baby because the baby stopped moving and they were late going to the hospital. Okay, Doc, very reassuring. You just made this mama check Berry’s movements every 5 minutes.

Yes, I guess I should keep calm and chillax. Gimme some hot choco and Farm Ville to play. haha


Mama’s mood: …super anxious! Still nesting and nesting and nesting.

Accomplishments: high energy levels turns me into super mama: frantically nesting and cleaning the house

Food cravings: gimme some greenies. raw greenies. me need greenies. me want greenies and sambal.


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