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Berry Approved Preggo-Safe Food Havens

Yo mamas, this is just a list of preggo-safe cafes/restos based on Mama Berry’s POV yaa.. What I mean by preggo-safe is mostly about smoking area, terrrain (stairs, availability of elevators/escalators), location of the toilet, and other factors which might be unpleasant for a preggo mama (at least for me). Please don’t get confused, the rating is not based on the food/drinks they serve. Even if they have the best food in town, but you have to go up 100 stairs to get there or it is a all-smoking zone, I would categorise it as #NotBerryApproved, okay?

I’m planning to make this a growing list as reference for my(forgetful-preggo-brain)self and other preggo mamas who might be interested. Mama Berry and Daddy Berry likes to eat good food and good coffee, so we like to hop around and try what’s new in town.


  • Mama Rosy @Kemang #BerryApproved, actually Berry loves this place! They have great Italian dishes, we love everything we ordered and it was all gone by seconds. They have a separate area for the smoking and non-smoking zone.
  • Mastro Meat Market @Senopati #BerryApproved a nice place to pack up some protein with their salmon dish. You can also shop for meat afterwards, the price is not cheap, but it is in line with the quality of the meat.
  • Casadina Kitchen & Bakery @Kuningan #BerryApproved they have very nice coffee, food and desserts (yeah, Mama Berry loves desserts!). I do love the ambiance there, however it is a bit tricky to find for the first time, since it is nested within the Taman Rasuna Apartment complex. They do have a dedicated smoking area, but it does not effect the non-smoking zone.
  • Woodpecker Coffee @Panglima Polim #NotBerryApproved their smoking zone is behind a glass door, but the smoke still sips into the non-smoking area. I do enjoy their coffee, so takeaways it is for now.
  • Mama Goose @Melawai #NotBerryApproved the  stairs are very steep for a preggo belly (with no railings) and the non-smoking area is located side by side with the smoking area. Luckily, we went there when it was still early and there was nobody smoking at that time. They do serve wonderful Gyu Tan Don, I will go back for another after Berry’s birth *lol*
  • Mangia @Panglima Polim #NotBerryApproved to dine in, because the toilet is located on the 2nd floor and the door to the smoking area is located too close to the non-smoking area (all the smoke flows inside). Their Perkedel Jagung and Nasi Jeruk Dory are fantastic. Next time I’ll get a take away instead.
  • Pizza Ebirra @Setiabudi One Very #NotBerryApproved! The whole area is dedicated for smoking, so as I was craving for those juicy bucket of wings, I had to wait around 20 minutes outside (standing) to get my order. Lesson learned, next time I’ll just call for delivery.
  • Menteng Wok Streetfood #NotBerryApproved, better just get a delivery from Gojek deh. Too noisy, packed and too many people smoking in the area.


  • Miss Bee Providore @Ciumbuleuit #BerryApproved they have a separate area for the smoking/non-smoking zone. However, be careful to choose your seat, sometimes when the wind blows in to the wrong side, the smoke can reach the non-smoking area. Miss Bee is very kid friendly with the playground, cute decor and attractive rabbit hole in the garden for kids to play with. We love the food, drinks and the ambiance here. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your time with family.
  • Jack Runner Roastery @Ciumbuleuit #BerryApproved they have a “no smoking” sign on the 1st floor of the coffee shop (eventhough it was a bit hot inside) and they serve nice coffee. The 2nd floor is for the smoking area. However, parking and reaching the area might be a bit tricky if you’re travelling on car.


  • Sisterfields @Seminyak #BerryApproved! Great food and nice coffee, although very busy and noisy during peak hours. You will have to wait around 15 minutes to get a seat. They have a separate smoking (outside) and non-smoking area, which is good. One of the places we would visit again next time we are in Bali.
  • Fat Turtle @Seminyak Very #BerryApproved! Gosh we love those pancakes! It is a non-smoking coffee shop with great food, very preggo-safe, indeed. There is one table dedicated for smoking people outside the cafe.
  • Seniman Coffee @Ubud #BerryApproved! Great coffee, yummy breakfast and a nice ambiance. They have a separate area for smoking and non-smoking. They even have a special air-conditioned section which is nice for preggo mamas, since we are always burning up inside.
  • Kahiyang Coffee @Ubud #NotBerryApproved, heavy staircase to get in the cafe, while the toilet is downstairs.


That’s all for now. Do let me know if there are other nice preggo-safe cafes/restaurants worth visiting.


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