Berry Belly

#36weekspregnant: 3rd Trimester Sleepy-head Syndrome

This week I really feel the “3rd trimester pregnancy syndrome” my whole body aches and I feel very sleepy and tired. Give me a pillow, the next 5 minutes I’m gone. I can only last a 10 minute car drive before dozing off. Oh, I’m a tired mama.

I really, really, really want to take my maternity leave from now, but it would be much better to take leave when Berry is born. #HangInThereMama mode!

Well, it was a long and tiring visit to the Doc’s office.. I had an appointment on Thursday to Brawijaya Hospital, but the doc didn’t show up that day. You never know when it comes to obgyns, sometimes they have to save another mama in labor, so you have to patiently wait for your turn. Luckily, I checked with the hospie before I was on my way there. Anyway, I had to schedule another appointment with the Doc on Saturday at RS Asih after my pregnancy exercise class at Brawijaya Hospital (doh!).

Saturday is a very painful day to visit the Doc at RS Asih, because that is the day all the working mamas come. After a long wait (and a coffee break to Woodpecker Coffee – don’t forget to choose the farthest seat from the smoking room), finally it was Berry’s turn. She weighs 2.5kgs, which is a 300 gram increase in a week, despite the ageing placenta. I am so relieved. The placenta calcification is getting worse, so we need to monitor her every move very closely.

Ah, I’m so tired. I can’t wait ’til Berry is out of my tummy (yes, please hurry!).


Mama’s mood: Sleepy. can’t I just sleep all day *Berry knocking on mommy’s belly* yes, dear, time to eat…

Accomplishments: super encok throughout the week, massage time!

Food cravings: Moscato. Period. Gimme Moscato, please.


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