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Bittersweet side of Photography Vendors

This is just my concerns about some issues which happens in the photography industry these days. It is not just about having expensive gears and the activity clicking the camera, there are also some commitment we should deliver and ethics we should follow. If a client trusts you for a job, especially for a once in a lifetime event, you should respect and deliver your best to them. It’s is not once that a photographer fails the client. Mistakes might happen, but what’s more important is what you to do resolve it.

This is just a bit sharing for you who are looking for a photography vendor of any kind. Be mindful and learn from our experience.

When memories are left as memories…

One of our friends who just got married less than a year ago just found out that their wedding photography vendor accidentally lost ALL of their photos. I can imagine the disappointment they feel. What can they do? They can’t rewind the wedding, can’t they?

The photographer failed the client, failed the client’s entire family and their future children/grandchildren. My grandparents have passed away, but we still have photos of their wedding (which are very vintage and nice! OOT!). I also have a whole photo album of my parents’ wedding, which is a memorabilia we hold very dear. Sadly, my friends’ future children will never have the chance to see any.

…and my very own tragedy

My experience is not as bad as my friend’s, but it is still not tolerable in my eyes and their way to address out issues is not sincere at all.

We trusted the (not-cheap-at-all) photography vendor to capture our wedding day, which we carefully choose after a year of wedding preparation. They didn’t manage to deliver all the files to us and miraculously (doh!) deleted most of our files without making any backup. Luckily, we still have the SDE video, photo album and the photo for the files which are in the album. The SDE is just a same-day-edit short video summary of the events along the day, however (sadly) that is the only video coverage we have on our wedding. Imagine my frustration.

We took a full year of careful preparations for the wedding and we were very detail to plan about the decor, to the flowers, to the colors, to the cake and everything. We were looking forwards to see how the whole event was held, but now we have no videos to see.

Oh well, a little background story here. So, at one point the admin of our very busy vendor resigned, so after delivering our photo album, there were no news from them. Since they were very busy, it was very hard to reach them. I tried to reach them via telephone, e-mails, SMS text, BBM, Line, you name it. It took a long while for them to get back to me and they said they will check about the delivery of my remaining photos and videos. Another long while to receive news that they claimed that they have sent to our address, which they couldn’t inform the delivery receipt nor the address they sent to.

Finally, they told me to send an external harddisk to them (which I did with joy, expecting that I will soon be able to see the videos). It took another while, then they told us that the files were already in the HDD bank and they needed time to retrieve. PHP abis! And after I tried contacting these very busy people again, in early 2015 (my wedding was in 20013, btw) finally they admitted that they have deleted all of our files including the videos AND they do not have a single backup copy of our files. It show our importance level to them (who doesn’t backup important stuff these days? Doh!). Actually, they did a good SDE and a good album (I love the SDE, btw), we expect the same for the video coverage. And now, we will never have the chance to see the wedding coverage video. *frustrated sigh here*

I found out that my wedding videos will never exist during the early stages of my pregnancy. Imagine the frustration and the raging hormones. You don’t want to know the things running in my head at that time. It really bothered me, but I had to make peace for the sake of the baby. Trust me, it wasn’t easy.

At the end of the day, we understand that shit happens, but it about how you deal with it. I’m not content with the way they handled our issues, there were no attempts to make amends from them. No official apology letter from Kinema Studios, just a “we are very sorry, but we did our job” message and that’s it.

Well, I just hope that this will not happen to anyone else in the future. For those who are preparing their wedding, these are some reviews of the vendors we trusted for that day. Just, be mindful of choosing your vendors and good luck!


My lovely (chilly) maternity photo session

Well, not all photographers like that, there are some very committed photographers out there. Just be very careful in choosing. Daddy Berry is a very dedicated and professional one (iklan dikit, haha!).

Anyway, we are extremely pleased with the maternity photo vendor we chose, Sienty-Arief Photography (did I mention how picky Daddy Berry is when it comes to photos?). Sienty and Arief are a photographer couple, but the one who captured our maternity session is Arief. He has a very unique personality and we had so much fun during the photoshoot. It was so surprising how versatile he is, he just jumped on a tree with all that photography gears to get a good angle. It was a bit tough for me, since the terrain was not that easy and it was a very cold morning, nonetheless, it was all worth it. We love the results.

For yo’ preggo mamas who are looking for a vendor for your maternity photoshoot, you should consider them. He is very committed.



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