Berry Belly

#37weekspregnant: ..oh my gosh, sunny side up!

Finally, full term! Berry got her license to graduate from Womb Mansion, so the wait starts..

This feels like the longest month ever compared to the previous 8 months. It feels like a never ending wait and you have no idea when it will come. Frustrating! I’m getting even more tired than before, it is such a struggle to get past this entire working-week. When it reached Friday, I was so happy that I could survive the whole week. Every now and then there is this very strong urge to take an early maternity leave and just lay back to be a couch-mama.

This week’s Doc visit took extremely long (too long!). The Doc’s appointment at RS Asih starts at 2.00 pm on Thursdays, so we had to register again around 1 pm. This week I went to the Doc accompanied byBerry’s grandma and grandpa (the anxious grandparents won’t let me go anywhere by myself anymore). We waited patiently for the Doc, yet he hasn’t arrived until 2.30 pm. We waited and waited patiently. My mum started to get annoyed and checked with the nurse every 5 minutes. Finally, at 3.15 pm the Doc arrived (these obgyns…) and it was Berry’s turn to get checked up (numero uno, beeyatches!). Well, this week Berry weighs 2.7 kg (a good 200 gram increase in a week), however her heartbeat is weakening compared to the previous week due to the ageing placenta. Doc said if by the end of next week she hasn’t decided to check-out of Womb Mansion, we need to monitor her heartbeat and make sure everything is good. If not, we might need to schedule an induction to quicken the process and get her out immediately (yes, please!).

However, she is still in a “sunny side up” position or called the occiput posterior position (OP).  The position where the hardest part of her head is facing my lower back, instead of my belly. In order for a natural vaginal birth, the best position is head down facing the lower back. I read that some sunny side up babies will rotate naturally near labor time, but some don’t. Hopefully, she will find her way to rotate to the right direction. Come on, Berry, turn! You need to face mommas ass here! *cross fingers*


Mama’s mood: ..waiting, waiting and waiting.

Accomplishments: survived another week of work!

Food cravings: chocolate!


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