MamaBerry's Maternity Leave

Pee-mergency and Poopmergency

Post Poopmergency face

#YoMamas.. and just when you think you have mastered the changing diaper skills, you get another surprise!

I still remember the first day I changed her diaper by myself, I was so scared I would hurt her and the whole process took ages. Two weeks from that day, MamaBerry and DaddyBerry have mastered the diaper changing skills (or at least we thought so)..

#Poopmergency #No1

It was this fine Saturday, we were planning to do a photo session for Berry, little that we knew, she had other plans. After a poop & pee session, we changed her diapers, assuming that she was done with the deal. And we were WRONG. After we took her diaper off on the changing station, she launched a poop-bomb. The poop (combined with gas) reached the floor and our bed which was around 1 meter distance. So, it was a 1-meter poop-bomb. While MamaBerry and DaddyBerry were panicking trying to do damage control, cleaning her up and the whole poop-bomb aftermath, she just looked at us with an innocent look as if nothing has happened. Goodbye photosession!

#Poopmergency #No1

She has these new skills to kick and do a (sort-of) reverse plank where her legs and butt is lifted while body lays on the bed. Somehow with these skills, she manages to escape her swaddle, take her head off the pillow and….. wiggle out of her diaper.  Then, it happened.. the pee and poop slides out of her nappy, and perfectly stained everything on her body, also the bed. This is followed by a panicked MamaBerry and DaddyBerry, again. I wonder why all these emergencies always happens on weekends.


This happens a lot. When we are almost done changing her diaper and ready to put on the new one, she pees! So everything gets wet: the new diaper, the changing pad, all her clothes and her whole body. Doh!

I do hope this is the end of our #poopmergency and #pee-mergency episodes, but I doubt it! The photo is how she looks after committing a #poopmergency or #pee-mergency. What can a mama do? *defeated*

LilBerry #3weeks old. #MaternityLeaveDay31. #CutiHamilHari31.


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