MamaBerry's Maternity Leave

Oops I did it again..

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.34.55 AM

Okay, probably it turns out that the Poopmergency episodes aren’t over yet..

On one fine morning, during her massage session with the midwife, she landed another poop-bomb right on the midwife’s uniform. I feel so bad for her. After her session with Berry, the midwife needs to go back to the hospital (with a poop-stained uniform).

After committing another poopmergency, she just looked at us with an innocent face, ‘what’s the fuss?’ LOL

FYI, I hired a 2-week session with a midwife from the hospital for homecare. The sessions include baby massage, baby bath, breast care for mom and counselling session. It’s very useful, especially for rookie moms who has no idea what to do with the baby. I learned how to massage and bathe the baby, also many tips about baby care.

Oh well, I’m getting used to these pee-mergencies (which happens almost every day) and poopmergencies, even though we still panic when it happens. Not that I’m expecting another one to happen, probably we need to make sure that the bed and everything around is poop-proof from now on.


LilBerry #3weeks old. #MaternityLeaveDay34. #CutiHamilHari34.


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