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CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE DAY 1: Jingle Bells Sensory Mini Bottles

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It’s the 1st of December! It’s the season to be Jolly!

MamaBerry is starting the month of collecting Christmas themed sensory play supplies. This is part of my #ChristmasChallenge to prepare some sensory play ideas for LilBerry throughout the month. I am crossing my fingers that I will be persistent to survive 25 days of Christmas themed sensory play. Feel free to join our play time!

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Today is about Jingle Bells Sensory Mini Bottles!

What you will need:
1. Bottles
Any bottle will do, but I prefer to recycle my bottles. I am an #ecofriendly mama. These are mini bottles from my last order of NakedPress and mini version of our own homemade coldbrew coffee.
2. Christmas colored accessories
I used some bells, pompoms, wood buttons and pipe cleaners. Basically, anything will do. It would be more interesting with bright colors, sparkling items and items that could make sounds. If you can’t find any, you can go to my @mamaberryshop on Instagram. *lol*

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Sensory development:
Look, Touch, Listen. It is all about the bright Christmas colors and jingles of the bells.

How to make it?
Get your bottle, just dump it in, and give it to your baby!

It is a sensory bottle, so it is relatively safe for younger babies (under supervision, of course). LilBerry is currently 14 months young, but I gave her first sensory bottles when she was 6 months. Just as soon as her hands were strong enough to hold the bottle.


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