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CHISTMAS CHALLENGE DAY 4: Christmas Sensory Bottles


We are on Day 4 of our #ChristmasChallenge. Mama Berry was inspired by Mama Lia’s sensory bottles (our dear customer from Mamaberryshop) and decided to make a Xmas version of it. Today’s activity is still red and green themed.

How to make your Sensory Bottle:

A. Choose your Bottle
You can choose any bottle, any size and any shape. MamaBerry prefers to recycle bottles to be more #ecofriendly

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B. Choose the Liquid Ingredients
Each liquid has their own characteristic and it’s for you to discover. You can use liquid ingredients, such as:
1. Water. Remember not to put any magnets or anything metallic or else it will rust.
2. Colored Water. Water+food colouring, as simple as that.
3.Mineral Oil. This is the perfect liquid for magnets and metallic items.
4. Cooking Oil. Try combining this with colored water.
5. Liquid Soap
6. Shampoo
7. Corn Syrup
8. Glycerine
9. Clear Glue
10. Glitter Glue
11. Hair Gel
12. Water Beads and Water
13. Tonic Water
14. Dish Soap
15. Baby Oil
16. Oil Dye. Use oil-based colouring for this

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C. Choose the Dry Ingredients
Anything you can find will do! These are some inspirations for you:
1. Beads
2. Pompoms
3. Dried pasta
4. Glitter
5. Rice
6. Sequins
7. Buttons
8. Sand
9. Number and alphabet shapes
10. Small toys

D. Glue it together!

How to make Berry’s Xmas Sensory Bottles:
A. Bottles
My choice today is to recycle the 330ml Aqua bottles
B. Liquid Ingredients
Water, DaddyBerry’s hair gel leftovers, shampoo and food coloring
C. Dry Ingredients
I used various sized pompoms, sequins, bells, water animals, pipe cleaners and glitter!

Sensory development:
Sight, Touch. She just loved watching the movement of the object and the glittery water.

My favourite part is ‘shopping’ around the house and the 1st time Berry sees her sensory bottles. It is just priceless.

Enjoy and be creative, moms!

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