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LilBerry at Indoestri Day 5 #SlowLiving

Well, it’s actually MamaBerry and DaddyBerry’s playground. MamaBerry and DaddyBerry’s day job is mostly about numbers and it is very comforting to find a place where ideas and creativity nurtures, and to meet people who are enthusiastic in making their ideas come true. We love DIY crafts and we go all the way supporting the #SelfMade movement. We dream that LilBerry will grow as a creative person too.

LilBerry has been here for a few times, picking up DaddyBerry after joining a workshop and also for the previous Indoestri Days. Her favorite spot here is the giant propellor fan on the 2nd floor where they host the exhibitions/demos. She is very fascinated with it everytime we go here. Well, in the end she always manages to sleep peacefully here (thanks for ErgoBaby, such a saviour).

This year’s Indoestri Day 5’s theme is #SlowLiving, which is rather difficult to obtain nowadays. We took a quick look on the 2nd floor, which was pretty much still in preparation, so we headed to the Pasar Indoestri instead.

Pasar Indoestri was held in the Dawn&Willow cafe (btw. they have great chicken paikut). We, well I, did some shopping. We got some nice cold brew and hot brew from Say Something coffee.


We said hi to the very humble Tante Rini and adopted a nice new indigo blue outer from Kana.


I also bought a travel sized body lotion and body wash from Pepper Secret. It was made from high grade organic Mandarin Peppercorn from Belitung. Say yay to natural and artisan. You would never guess that pepper could smell that good. Black pepper is an anti-bacterial antioxidant digestive, circulatory and respiratory stimulant. Smells very nice and has many benefits as well, just perfect.


Well, we met Skye! Raise your hands if you think he is uber cute! He was selling chocolate chips raising fund to buy a new iPad.


Indoestri also has classes for kids, such as Pottery Making for Kids, Stamp Printmaking and Jewelry Clay Making. I would love to bring LilBerry to join these activities when she grows up.

They also the #IndoestriLongHaul, which is basically a 6 weeks intensive program of self-discovery and self-awareness in design thinking and creative abilities. It is still in my bucket list, due to obvious reasons: I have a day job. Maybe one day, one day in the future.


We also signed up for some classes for the following year (20% discount, yay!) and got another voucher for the next purchase. I just can’t wait for my urban farming class. 2017 it is!

Anyway, I took the photo’s from DaddyBerry’s stock (yep, the perks of having a photographer as a husband), you should check out his post on Indoestri Day too.




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