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#sakuraberry2017: Okonomi-mura Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

Photo by CameradPhoto

When in Hiroshima, get some Hiroshima style okonomiyaki!

One of the recommended places to try okonomiyaki is the food theme park Okonomi-mura (means ‘okomiyaki village’) in Shintenchi district. It consists of 3 floors (2nd to 4th floor) with a total of 25 okonomiyaki restaurants to choose from. Each restaurant has their own style and set of ingredients, some are more traditional with a huge pile of green onions, others are fushion style with cheese and hamberg toppings.

You can find a list and description of each restaurants on the ground floor before you go up the elevator.


I couldn’t find any specific reviews on which is the best okonomiyaki restaurant there. We just picked the restaurant based on the crowd and ingredients, and we did choose right! We tried the okonomiyaki at Suigun, which was the best okonomiyaki I ate so far. I tried Hiroshima style okonomiyaki at AEON Mall’s Food Culture back home, but this one was the real deal. Suigun just raised the bar of my okonomiyaki standard.


We were greeted by a very welcoming old lady chef, who took our order. We ordered the No. 3 Suigun Fort with extra cheese (1,300+215 yen). It consists of double pork bacon slices, egg, rice cake, fried squid, green onions, and noodles. It was SERIOUSLY delicious. The taste was very complex and the texture was great. They have a special sauces, which you can also add as much as you like. The red on is spicy, the yellow one is not. Very straight forward.

I really wanted to eat another one, but I was too full. They are famous for their kaizoku-yaki seafood grill, but we just found out about this after the trip was over.

There was also another okonomiyaki restaurant building, just next to Okonomi-mura. However, we were leaning to try Okonomi-mura, since most reviews recommend to try this one. We almost entered the wrong building, and when we asked the staff at the other okonomiyaki building, he showed us the way to Okonomi-mura. Very nice of him.


How to order:

They have an English menu, which is very straight forward with the description of the ingredients and price. It also explains that you can just mention the number of the menu you wish to order. You can choose soba or udon noodle, and you can also opt for a pork free version of the dish. Water (mizu) is free here, and in most of the other restaurant in Japan.

Baby-friendly level: Moderate

The Okonomi-mura building has elevators, which means that it is stroller friendly. However, since there are so many okonomiyaki restaurants on one floor, it was quite smokey there. I was not comfortable to stay there too long with Lil Berry. All of the seating of these restaurants are a bar style in front of the chefs. I used a baby carried the whole time, while eating. LOL.


Mamaberry Tips:

If you can afford it, come here with an empty stomach (or at least don’t have a heavy meal prior to visiting), so you can try several types of okonomiyaki here.

Do your homework, and read the descriptions of the restaurants to help you choose the one for you! Do check their opening hours, because each restaurant has different business hours.

Photos by CameradPhoto

Japan, 〒730-0034 Hiroshima Prefecture,
Hiroshima, Naka Ward, Shintenchi, 5−13
P: +81 82-241-2210





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