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#sakuraberry2017: Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka

I am a girl who loves markets! They give you a reflection of the real local life, what they eat, how they spend their daily life. I find it very interesting. I also love to try the local food, and this is the place where you can experience all that.

Osaka is home to one of Japan’s most vibrant food cultures, when people ask ‘what to do in Osaka?’ one of the main attractions is food. Kuromon Ichiba Market with it’s line-up of stores selling ready to eat small sized food, it is the best way to experience Japan’s tabe-aruki (eating as you walk) culture.

Kuromon market is a 600 meter-long market that ages back to 190 years ago. There are around 170 stalls of fish, fruits, vegatables, and foodstuff. It is known as ‘Osaka’s Kitchen’ because many cooks in Osaka come here to get ingredients. Despite being more touristy nowadays, you can still feel that the market is very neighbourhood and you will find many locals shopping here.

What to eat?

If your are up for seafood, well this is the place to go! Just look around and try a little bit of everything. Just follow the crowd, when it comes to markets, a crowd means that the food is good.

We were still sore and beat, due to the 1am flight, so we did not score much here, so we just tried sushi, including uni (sea urchin), baby octopus on skewer, and ichigo mochi. We also bought coffee (1 liter, they only have the big size) and strawberries to bring back to the apartment.


Check out CandidCuisine’s take on Kuromon Ichiba Market, they have an interesting top 10 list:

  1. Uni (Sea Urchin)
  2. Baby Octopus
  3. Scallops
  4. Crabs and Prawn
  5. Unagi
  6. Fatty Tuna Jaw
  7. Kaisen-don
  8. Wagyu Beef
  9. Persimmon
  10. Steamed Squash

I like to check out tea and coffee shops, but we were in a rush, so we just passed by.



Kuromon Ichiba Market is not only about seafood, they also have other shops, such as convinience store, gachapon shop, and also unique vending machines (yes, I will do a separate post about vending machines. Hail Japanese vending machines!).

How to Get There

You can take the Midosuji Line (subway) from Umeda Station to Namba Station, then switch trains to Nippombashi Station, which is just around 100 meters from the Kuromon Ichiba Market entrance.

Baby-friendly level: Moderate

Just bring your baby carrier! We went there during our transit day, so we brought a stroller with us. It it possible, however a bit of a hassle in some areas. We were lucky that the market was not too crowded on that day.

Mamaberry Tips:

Just eat! Isn’t that the point going to markets? Eat and shop!

Don’t go to a market on your transit day, markets are best to be experienced not in a hurry. We went to Kuromon on the day we landed in Osaka after a 1 am flight from Singapore (and Jakarta, the night before). We barely slept and were so tired and feeling a bit zombie-like. We were so tired, we didn’t realize the only photos of Kuromon Ichiba Market we have are the ones from my Samsung S7 phone. Too bad!

Bucket List:

Going back! Yes, I would definately come back (to eat more) the next time I visit Osaka.

Photos by MamaBerry’s Samsung S7, street photography style, while taking care of Lil Berry.





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