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#sakuraberry2017: Miyajima Street Food!


I love this place!

Miyajima street food (Omotesando Street) was a very pleasant surprise for me. I did not read about it during my blog walking days, and yet, it is a street full of yummy food!

At first, I was a bit sad, when we arrive it was too hot to walk around. I was just thinking that we should just head to one of the restaurants and wait until the sun is friendlier. Then, the shops on the street started to pull their curtains, and it was time to shop (eat) again! Genius!


Oysters. Raw, grilled, fried. Everything oysters. Seriously, you need to try these fresh gigantic oysters. We couldn’t get enough of them. They have raw, grilled and fried oysters. Usually, they have ponzu and lemon sauce. My personal favorite is the grilled oysters with lemon sauce.




Oyster okonomiyaki! This was new to me and a very interesting style of okonomiyaki.




Fish cake this and fish cake that (nigiri ten). They have so many shapes and varieties of fish cakes, such as on skewers, ball-shaped, star-shaped. We tried the half kani, half fish cake, which was really good.


Of course, soft served ice cream!


Try Momiji Manjyu. These are sweet bean paste candy that is made fresh all over the island. They also come in other flavors, such as strawberry, green tea, black sesame, custard, and so on. They sell momiji manjyu that are already packed and ready to bring home, however, I recommend to try the freshly baked ones instead.


Steam buns filled with pork or unagi.





Baby-friendly level: Moderate

Just bring your baby carrier! It could be very crowded at peak hours, very limited nursery rooms, and it’s very hot. There are some toilets that have the multipurpose room, but very limited. When it gets very hot, just find a restaurant that has seating and take a rest.

Mamaberry Tips: Eat, eat, and eat until your belly pops!

Photos by CameradPhoto



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