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#sakuraberry2017: Tsukiji Market


Yay! Another market day!

We were on our #slowtravel campaign (attempt), so our target at Tsukiji Market was just sightseeing, eat sushi, and shop if there is anything interesting. No, not for the tuna auction, just for eating super delicious tuna. I have set my expectations high.

Tsujiki is biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets. When in Tsukiji Market, get some sushi!


OPERATION_SAKURA-2017-474Many blogs said that most sushi in Tsujiki Market are so delicious because of their ingredients are very fresh. They said, it is not worth it to queue for 2 hours from 5 A.M. to get your hands on the said to be best (famous) sushi in Tsukiji Market.

Based on blog reviews and recommendation from a friend (thanks Ghina!), we chose Sushi Zanmai, which is a sushi restaurant chain that has an around 20 years in the business. We were planning just to try the most expensive platter, the Sushi Zanmai Deluxe Piece Set (¥3,000). It consists of assorted sliced fish that was all AMAZING, such as unagi, uni, chuturo, tamago, hotate, and ebi.



OPERATION_SAKURA-2017-470We were planning to be on budget and just try the deluxe set and then have another budget lunch around Tsukiji. Turns out that the sushi was AMAZING, and exceeded my high expectations, so it wasn’t enough. It changed my whole view on the world of sushi. The sushi was very fresh and delicious. We ended up ordering another full set tuna sushi platter (around ¥3,000). Lil Berry also got her own order of tamago sushi, she is all about tamago sushi since she met tamago sushi at Sushi Zanmai. Isn’t it a great start for her sushi journey?


OPERATION_SAKURA-2017-471Anyway, we noticed that many people, especially the locals, were ordering a chirashi bowl. The chirashi bowls looks really really nice. Next time we will try one too.

The people here are so nice to babies, we oftenly get the ‘baby privillage’. We were queuing just like everyone else, then we were offered a table for 4 people, which was very convinient for us. Lil Berry was verry happy since it was quite spacious. When we were paying the bills, the  cashier lady gave Lil Berry a sushi-shaped candy. Kawaii!

After filling our bellies with a very comforting lunch, we went shopping and taking photos around the market. Papap gave me ¥2,000 (~Rp 240rb) to spend. He knows that I will go on a crazy shopping spree, if I don’t limit my budget.  Well, I usually exceed my budget, so, doh! I bought some dashi, furikake, plum juice, ichigo for Lil Berry, and also some wagashi.

OPERATION_SAKURA-2017-477Too bad, the weather forecast for that day was wrong. It was raining, so early in the afternoon, and we didn’t bring an umbrella. We were planning to go to Hamarikyu Garden and get some tea and wagashi, but we decided to switched plans to shopping day. We ended up shopping around Ginza, Loft Ginza, and Tokyu Hands.


Baby-friendly level: Moderate

No, no stroller, please. Just grab your carrier, so you can shop and eat happily. It’s very crowded, so I highly recommend a baby carrier.

Mamaberry Tips: Order the tuna platter! If you want to watch the tuna auction, don’t forget to check the Tsukiji Market calendar and get ready to standby early (as in 3 A.M.)

Photos by CameradPhoto




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